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Natural Resources
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( Lai Chau - a source of abundant natural resources including land, mineral resources, tourism resources ... These are the priceless treasures that the Creator has given to Lai Chau.

Land resources: The total land area of the province's natural 9065.123 km2, mostly red and yellow soils developed on the pale stone, sand, clay and limestone, with a structure very closely. Agricultural land used approximately 64,299.9 hectares, accounting for 7.09% of the total area of natural land, including land rice fields, the color is 13781.44 ha, ha 32225.91 land cultivation, crop land annually other 7898.56 hectares of land for perennial crops (mainly tea) 3066.88 hectares, 1,093 hectares of garden land, grazing land 5978 hectares of water surface of 409 ha aquaculture. Forest land is 283 667 ha of forests, cover 31.3%, mostly forest protection, which is 274 651 ha of natural forests, plantations 9015.94 ha. Specialized land around 4489.61 hectares, of which 2982.52 ha of land transport, construction land 377.26 ha, ha land at 1918.443. Bare soil has the ability to use very large about 525 862 ha (58% of the natural area), including unused land in the hills 1743.69 hectares of unused land is very large, about 524,118.87 ha.

Forest resources: forests and forest land area of Lai Chau accounted for 35% of the province's natural land, forests of tropical flora is very rich, including many kinds of valuable woods high as paving, game show, gnashing, ship, po mu ... special products such as cardamom, fresh palm (tree lac), rattan, cardamom ... and many kinds of rare animals such as rhinos, cow tót, gibbons, tigers, the bears ...

Water resources: the Da River upstream, heavy rainfall high density streams from 5,5- 6 km / km2, there are also many rivers and other streams of water flow such as:

Song Nam Na + (area of about 2,190 km2 basin) flows through the whole province including Phong Tho, Tam Duong area, north-west section of Sin Ho with an average flow module is 40-80 m3 / s.

+ River flows through the entire year that the lowland communes of Sin Ho district, a total area of approximately 930 km2 basin slope is fairly small, easy flow regime, the average modulus of 50 m3 / s.

+ Nam Mu River flows along the valley of Binh Lu, Than Uyen basin covers an area of about 170 km2, dry season flow module of 8 m3 / s, flooding reaches 12-14 m3 / s.

Surface water resources are major manufacturing and service activities, while the large hydropower resources for hydropower development, including Lai Chau hydropower capacity of 1,200 MW, average power 4,704 million kWh / year, 560MW hydroelectric Huoi Quang, Ban Chat 200 MW hydro and 20 small hydro power plants with a capacity of 3-30MW.

Mineral resources: Lai Chau with over 120 mineral and categories of rich, evenly distributed around at the local level: Rare (reserves of 20 million tonnes) to focus on social Xe (Phong Tho); the point-ferrous metal ores (copper, lead, zinc) with reserves of about 6000-8000 tons of concentrate in the area Sin Cai, Lang A, Tam Duong; Points of iron ore (Huổi Luang-Sin Ho), copper (Ma Ly Pho-Phong Tho), aluminum (Nam Ma - Sin Ho) ... Gold in the morning Chinh, Ban Bo (Tam Duong), Noong Outback, Pu Sam Cap (Sin Ho); construction materials: stone roof, limestone, black, white stone, which has large reserves of limestone, calcium oxide content can develop high cement production industry on a large scale; mineral water with the point at the Golden Bo, Muong (Phong Tho), Na East, Na Don (Tam Road), Golden Butter (Than Uyen) ...

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