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Economic conditions - social
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( Population - Transport - economic potential - potential for tourism

Population: 403.20 the whole province, including 20 ethnic groups that live in ethnic Thai 131,822 people, accounting for 34%; H'Mong 86,467 people, accounting for 22.30%; Kinh 54,027 people, accounting for 13.94%; Dao 51,995 people, accounting for 13.41%; Ha Nhi ethnic 14,658 people, accounting for 3.78%; Giay ethnic 12,443 people, accounting for 3.21%; ethnic Khmu 7464, accounting for 1.93%; La Hu ethnic 10,141 people, accounting for 2.62%; 6074 Lu ethnic group, accounting for 1.57%; 6020 ethnic Lao people, accounting for 1.55%; 2,995 ethnic segment, accounting for 0.77%; ethnic culvert 1256, accounting for 0.32%; 588 ethnic Chinese people, accounting for 0.15%; La 546 ethnic Si, 0.14%; Resistance 161 nations, accounting for 0.04%; 295 Tay ethnic people, accounting for 0.08%; 116 Muong ethnic minority people, accounting for 0.03%; ethnic Nung 180 people, accounting for 0.05%; ethnic Phu La 27 people, accounting for 0.01%; 458 different ethnic groups, accounting for 0.12% (as of 31/12/2011).

Traffic: mainly road. Province National Highway 12 runs through the city connecting from Dien Bien Phu to China (Ma Lu Thang border gate), the National Highway 4D run to Sapa (Lao Cai). As an important bridge between the vast continent southwest China with the economic growth triangle Hanoi-Haiphong-Quang Ninh through the National Highway 4D, 70, 32 and Black River waterway. In the direction of economic development and social, 2006-2020, the province has set a target: Survey build a small airport, study build railroads: Yen Bai - Van Chan - Mu Cang Chai - Coal Uyen - Tam Duong contributing to improved traffic conditions between the local and the other provinces in the country.

Economic potential: Due to the complex terrain and fragmented with a large natural area, population density is low and unevenly distributed, concentrated mainly in towns, towns and regions intensive food production should focus on travel goods traffic between regions in the province, between provinces with other localities of the country faced many difficulties. It is also a major obstacle in the construction of economic infrastructure - social unit price is too high, large investment capacity, ability to raise contributions and limitations of the people.

Besides the difficulties and limitations on, the natural conditions of the province also has great potential for economic development, especially the development of agriculture - forestry and trade - Services - Travel with prominent advantages such as land has an area of untapped very large; two border economic zone with China and Laos; more scenic with national cultural identity abundance.

Tourism potential: Lai Chau has many scenic and historic sites, with many ethnic identity and residence with specific cultural traditions. It is a strength, a major comparative advantage. If research and rational investment, Lai Chau will become a service center - trade and tourism in the region.

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