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Already a man, who also think about yourself, your family, think about yourself, think about the villages, think about society and think about the times, events ... But think of the new year is certainly not the same especially among ethnic groups. In Vietnam 54 ethnic groups, ethnic groups has their own traditions, especially on New Year.

After the preparation of the necessary procedures have been completed preparations, the wedding will be announced at a meeting of the closest people to grasp this important event. Both of these are considered in general, people have to be married, but all is not going to invite each person.

"Nang Han Temple" An commune and the Muong Khong Phai commune Cat Laos - Phong Tho district - Lai Chau province. Prior to 2004, the province splits She Han Temple of the Atlantic - and the Commune of Muong Khong Phai commune Cat Laos - Tam Duong - Lai Chau (old).

Archaeological Sites Tham Dan Che of Muong Kim, Than Uyen District, located on the lower slopes of a mountain, north of the Na Pung fields, the fields west and Na Tham Nam Four streams. Locals call this cave guides the Abyss because under Thai means paper hang (hang white as a sheet). But due to time as well as the influence of the atmosphere should now Abyss guides the white light is not as old.

Stronghold Muong So located on top of the mountain called "Pu hard to remember" means "dragon mountain back neck" of Muong So (Phong Tho).

Stronghold Muong Te monuments located on the hill "Earnings Release" means mountain station of the Nam Cum, Muong Te (Muong Te).

Cave resistance Na Cung on the top of a mountain in the low NA, Muong So (Phong Tho).

Archaeological survey located on the Nam Tun Reviewed Phieng, Muong So, Phong Tho, Lai Chau town a 24 km (before 1945 Nam Tun lake called potato - Hang Dao means buffalo).

From Lai Chau provincial town along the 4D approximately 115 km north of Dien Bien province, or upstream of the Black River, visitors can enjoy the scenery a charming land where the river falls 3 Da River Nam Na. It has architectural heritage mansion Long Pass office.

Located in Le Loi commune, district Nam swing, from the town of Dien Bien Province Muong Lay approximately 7 kilometers north of Lai Chau town 115km, from nearly 500km from Hanoi. Beer higher than the Da River water about 50 m, a stone stele erected. Road to the monument may go by the river waterway Da.

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